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21 October 2019

Celebrating Fairtrade Month!

Why Fairtrade?

We are proud to be certified Fairtrade by Fairtrade America, the U.S arm of the leading international Fairtrade certification system. This means that we undergo a series of checks to provide sustainable products for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Divine Chocolate is co-owned by a co-operative of over 85,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana. Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Co-op owns 44% of the company, which is the largest share, therefore receiving a share of the wealth that they are helping to create.

In total, farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo recieve four streams of income. Two are specifically required by the Fairtrade certification, and two have been created by Divine to further provide opportunities for farmers to build sustainable livelihoods in their communities.

Income through Fairtrade:

  • Fairtrade Minimum Price-- This is a guaranteed minimum price of $2,000 per tonne of cocoa that protects farmers from any price drops in the market.
  • Fairtrade Premium-- This is a payment of $200 per tonne of cocoa that farmers decide how to invest on community initiatives.

Income through Divine:

  • Dividends from co-ownership. This is the 44% ownership embedded in our sustainable business model.
  • Producer Support & Development Fund (PS&D). This is a fund to which Divine contributes 2% of its annual revenue to support top-line initiatives that producers decide are beneficial to their community, like women's empowerment programs.

Our Partners

This Fairtrade Month, we teamed up with Conscious Step and Organic India, two Fairtrade brands that are making a positive impact in the lives of both producers and consumers, just like we are.

Meet Conscious Step

"Conscious Step makes socks for causes that matter. We believe that we have a responsibility to create clothing that makes you feel good about what you wear. It’s more than how it looks, feels and lasts, but knowing that it’s creation didn’t happen at the expense of people and planet. Each pair of socks is matched with a different nonprofit to create change around the world. Made with organic cotton and Fairtrade certified, one pair of socks can plant ten trees, protect oceans, or provide access to justice for two survivors of violence. Through our collective actions, we can make a difference and change the world."

Meet Organic India

"During the 1960’s attempts to industrialize India’s agriculture, called the “Green Revolution,” resulted in economic, environmental, and cultural devastation to vast regions of rural India. ORGANIC INDIA’s founders partnered with one, then two, now 3,000 small farmers to return their land to organic status and institute fair trade practices. Social impacts have been profound— traditionally, widows and unmarried women were rejected and unsupported by rural societies. ORGANIC INDIA provided them with livelihoods as farmers and agricultural workers, and when the men refused to work with the women, they were told that they could accept the women workers or leave their partnerships with ORGANIC INDIA. As a result, widows and single women now support themselves and their families, and earn equal wages for equal work."

Collaborating with like-minded brands like Conscious Step and Organic India open new possibilities to reach consumers like you. Every purchase affects someone, somewhere, who harvested the tea leaves, cocoa beans, and cotton used to create your favorite teas, chocolates, and socks. In order to achieve our mission of giving cocoa farmers a voice, we first secured fairness and inclusion in our business model and with our partners. Now, it's your turn to support Fairtrade brands that encourage social and economic growth to all people around the globe.

Divine Chocolate is on a mission to give cocoa farmers a voice in the global marketplace. Your purchase, mention on social media, or recommendation to a friend all helps us achieve this mission to bring inclusion and fairness to the producers of our product. Thank you for your support, and happy Fairtrade Month!

Divine Chocolate
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