Parent teaching guide: How is chocolate made?
POSTED 10th April 2020

This simple guide is for parents of young children. You can engage with your child and share the wonderful story behind one of our most beloved treats.

Click here to view the guide as a document (PDF). Best for printing & viewing on mobile.

Click here to view the guide as a graphic (PNG). Best for viewing on a tablet, laptop, or desktop.

The guide itself is for parents of young children, written in simplified language to make it easy for you to explain. You could also share the guide directly with older children.

For more details and photos, visit our Bean to Bar page.

This guide can be a great starting place for you to build out other lessons, for example:

  • Geography- showing Ghana & São Tomé and Príncipe on a map
  • Chemistry- explaining fermentation
  • Math - counting & weighing beans (you can use coffee beans as pretend cocoa beans); exchanging money
  • Social Studies - principles of co-operatives; Fairtrade
  • English - new vocabulary words: fermentation; winnowing; cocoa nib; conching; tempering