International Coffee Day with Ethical Bean
POSTED 1st October 2019

This International Coffee Day, we are celebrating with Ethical Bean Coffee and creating a no-sweat tasty treat that also happens to make a difference. Bonus: it’s dorm-proof. All you need to succeed is a microwave, some parchment paper, and a mini-fridge.

A few fun facts about melting chocolate:

- Smelling chocolate calms you down. The smell of chocolate causes relaxation by significantly reducing theta activity in the brain (theta waves are associated with relaxation). Source: International Journal of Psychophysiology, 1998.

- Dark chocolate can be good for studying, as it has a higher cocoa content and is less sweet than milk and white chocolate; eating chocolate with a higher concentration of cocoa is proven to significantly reduce your stress levels and rejuvenate your memory and your immune system. Source: Loma Lima University.

- Most dark chocolate has only 3 ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk may be added to create milk chocolate, while cocoa mass is substituted for milk to make white chocolate.

- Chocolate melts at lower than human body temperature, causing it to literally melt in your mouth. When heated, the chocolate’s cocoa butter melts and liquifies. If the melted chocolate gets too hot, cocoa mass and cocoa butter separate leaving burned cocoa mass and a pale yellow liquid.

Coffee and chocolate are a power flavor couple used in many of the most beloved recipes - from mochaccinos to tiramisus to espresso truffles, and now chocolate coffee bites! Chocolate coffee bites are an easy, quick, and delicious recipe - perfect for that late night study session, a potluck, or a bite-sized dessert.