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POSTED 10th July 2019

UK - Top PR coverage

July 2019 - The ethical chocolate companies proving that cacao farms and precious wildlife can co-exist - The Telegraph

October 2018 – Feel-good chocolate that does good, too – The Telegraph

São Tomé was once the largest producer of cocoa in the world. Divine Chocolate are now working with farmers’ co-operative CEQAQ-11 on the island who are both Fairtrade and Organic certified to produce cocoa for their new Divine Organic range.

October 2018 - - BBC Focus on Africa

The CEO of CECAQ-11, Adalberto Luis, and one of the farmers, Hotência Pina, speak to the BBC’s Akwasi Sarpong. Adalberto and Hotência describe how the co-operative has enabled a better quality of life. They hope that in the future they’ll be able to increase productivity and give a greater voice to women.

August 2018 –Divine Chocolate unveils its first organic bars – The Grocer

Divine Chocolate, unveiled its first range of organic chocolate bars in August 2018. Made with cocoa from a farmers’ co-operative on the West African island of São Tomé, the new range includes five 80g variants.

May 2018 – Kuapa Kokoo’s Divine Chocolate wins 2018 Queens Award for enterprise - Joy (Ghana radio) -

Divine Chocolate, partly owned by the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo, has been chosen to receive the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. Divine was singled out for its innovative and successful business model which empowers both farmers and consumers and works to ensure a sustainable future.

February 2017 - Divine Chocolate chief executive shares her thoughts on attending the Davos Economic Forum – Co-op News

Divine Chocolate chief executive Sophi Tranchell was one of the 2,500 business leaders and heads of state attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Youtube clip shows Sophi Tranchell being interviewed by Hub Culture. Sophi describes how Divine’s unique business model makes a difference to the lives of farmers in Ghana.

March 2017 – Your chocolate habit could help change the lives of women around the world - Metro

Together Divine and Kuapa empower women cocoa farmers to gain the necessary skills, confidence and influence to succeed in their industry, including through support programmes partly funded by Divine Chocolate, like adult literacy classes or model farming schemes. Divine and Kuapa invest in women because it is shown to lead to better quality cocoa to create the most delicious chocolate, but also thriving communities.

January 2017 – Divine Chocolate awarded B Corp certification – Speciality Food

Divine Chocolate was awarded B Corp status and are proud to be in the UK Year 1 cohort 2015-2016. Sophi Tranchell describes how we believe that it is part of our leadership role to embrace systems that drive businesses to behave better and empower consumers to make informed choices.

July 2016 – 7 Tips for Success for Social Entrepreneurs – Forbes

Forbes interviewed Sophi Tranchell to find out what her 7 tips for success for social entrepreneurs are. When you are running a company that is positioned directly opposite the status quo, and competing alongside well-established popular brands, you need absolute belief in your mission, and a personal commitment to your vision of what can be achieved.

April 2015 – Divine Chocolate merges UK and US businesses – Coop News

In 2015 Divine Chocolate merged its UK and US businesses in a move to strengthen the group, give it a wider customer reach and deliver its mission to fairly and sustainably remunerate smallholder cocoa farmers in West Africa, as well as empowering them to take their future into their own hands.

Feb 2013 – Ghana’s Divine way of making chocolate – The Telegraph

The Telegraph speaks to cocoa farmers that are members of Kuapa Kokoo, Africa’s most successful cooperative which owns 44% of Divine Chocolate, to learn what day-to-day life is like, many tasting chocolate as a finished product for the first time.

US - Top PR Coverage

  1. Feb 2019 - Chocolate Connoisseur Magazine 2019 Favorites Awards Winner.
  2. Feb 2018 - Hop Culture Magazine featured Divine Chocolate in a beer pairing guide along with Brooklyn based ‘Fine and Raw’ chocolate.
  3. Sep/Oct 2016 - Conscious Company Magazine Issue 9 “How to do Good when Local Spans the Globe” interview with Sophi Tranchell.
  4. July 2016 - Inc. article “How This Chocolate Company is Challenging Hershey’s and Nestle’s Business Model (and Winning)”, interview with Sophi Tranchell.
  5. July 2016 - Forbes article “7 Tips for Success for Social Entrepreneurs” interview with Sophi Tranchell.

Feb 2007 - Comfort Kumea’s visit to the US :