POSTED 1st March 2017

On 9th March 2017 Divine hosted a briefing and chocolate tasting at the Lansdowne Club in London, looking on the latest developments and perspectives on gender equality in the cocoa supply chain.

The Briefing brought together leading research and experience in this field with the joy of chocolate, and what a cherished part of our lives it is, to launch a report 'Empowering the women cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo.'

Speakers included Stephanie Barrientos of The University of Manchester Development institute, Erinch Sahan, Private Sector Policy Advisor at Oxfam, Melinda Bohannon, Deputy Director, Growth and Resilience - ‎Department for International Development and Hazel Culley, Sustainability Manager for Food at Marks and Spencer.

Two women farmers from Kuapa Kokoo, Linda Berchie and Victoria Boakyewaa also described their own experiences of cocoa farming and how they have been empowered through membership of Kuapa Kokoo, and Divine Chocolate CEO Sophi Tranchell MBE added her 17 years of experience of working with farmers and consumers in the world of chocolate, and vision for the future.

Watch videos each of the speakers' presentations on our YouTube channel or download the What is it about Women and Chocolate presentation here.