Snack Bars

Refill your chocolate dish or stash a few in your tote bag -- these little treats are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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Organic Line

A new temptingly rich high cocoa dark chocolate range bursting with feelgood flavors, made with organic cocoa from tropical São Tomé.

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Baking Collection

High-quality ingredients lead to the best tasting treats. When you bake with Divine, you know it's going to be good!

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Crispy Thins

Crispy, light, snackable thins featuring a delicious blend of Fairtrade chocolate & puffed rice.

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Adinkra: The Meaning Behind the Symbols

The symbols on our bars are called adinkras. They are a very important part of Ghanaian history and culture. Adinkras were used as a way to communicate in a pre-literate society to convey complex beliefs and meanings.

Become a trade partner

By selling Divine, you can support our mission of empowering the farmers who grow the ingredients in our delicious chocolate.