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Stories and News

Latest news, events and insightful stories from members of the Divine team.

13 October 2021

Divine Chocolate Debuts Refreshed Branding

Divine Chocolate Debuts Refreshed Branding and #JoinTheChocolateRevolution Campaign to End Exploitation in the Cocoa Industry World’s First Fairtrade, B-Corp Certified, Co-owned-by-Farmers Chocolate...

8 September 2021

Divine Welcomes Guests from São Tomé

In October 2018, we were lucky enough to be visited by Hortência Pina, a farmer, and Adalberto Luis, the CEO of the CECAQ-11 cooperative in São Tomé, who grow the cocoa for Divine’s Organic range...

27 January 2021

Easter Corporate Gifting

We know how hard the past few months have been, and we’re also aware that the Easter bunny is a tad over-worked this time of year - so Divine is here to help with a delicious range of Easter corpora...

1 December 2020

Days Of Divine

With Christmas approaching we wanted to give you a chance to win lots of exciting goodies!

23 November 2020

Forest-Friendly Cocoa

We have been working with NGOCFU since 2018 on an innovative pilot project with the Cocoa Origins programme to develop the first Forest-Friendly chocolate bar.

26 October 2020

Divine Chocolate Living Income statement – November 2019

Divine Chocolate has been focused on the mission to deliver a living income to farmers since its inception 20 years ago. We therefore very much welcome the much broader discussion of this challenge th...

8 October 2020

Corporate Chocolate Gifting

With Corona cancelling many Christmas parties this year (we’re as heartbroken as you are) Divine are here to help with a delicious selection of corporate gifting options.

13 September 2020

Forest Friendly Cocoa from Sierra Leone

Ngoleagorbu becomes the first farmer-led organisation in Sierra Leone to directly export forest-friendly fairtrade-certified cocoa. Ngoleagorbu Cocoa Farmers’ Union (NGOCFU), of Kenema, Sierra Leone...

7 July 2020

World (Vegan) Chocolate Day

Today, 7thJuly 2020, is World Chocolate Day; the day we celebrate the majestic cocoa bean in its greatest form – vegan chocolate!

3 July 2020

Divine Chocolate announce winners of National Poetry Competition 2020

“I wake up from deep slumberin the heart of the rainforeststretching my tender green shoots,to sultry tropical warmth and rain.”- Excerpt from Iona Mandal’s poem From Bean to Bar

29 June 2020


With a raise in demand for delicious, ethical & quality chocolate, B Corp certified Divine Chocolate are excited to announce the launch of 3 tempting 90g sharing bars which will be available in Co...

17 June 2020


Divine Chocolate Limited, the leading Fairtrade company set up by a cocoa farmers’ co-operative, now has a new majority shareholder. Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG (Weinrich), which has manufactu...

17 June 2020


Sophi Tranchell MBE, the first MD of Divine Chocolate, and its CEO over the last 21 years, left the company in May 2020.

7 May 2020

Producer Support and Development updates during the Coronavirus pandemic – As of 7th May 2020

As #WorldFairTradeDay approaches, we say THANK YOU to the producers and workers around the world who work hard to ensure we have food on our shelves! #FairtradeTogether. Here is a status update from t...

24 April 2020

Activity 3 – Design your own chocolate bar

Erik Houlihan-Jong our chocolateer is here to introduce our Third activity of three!=Design your own chocolate bar =

Divine Chocolate
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