Divine Chocolate Hazelnut Pavlova

Prep Time

20 minutes + cooling

Cooking Time

1 hour 10 minutes

This funky pavlova can be adapted to suit any season with strawberries, peaches or passionfruit!


For the chocolate pavlova
  • 50g Divine 70% Dark Chocolate
  • 6 free range egg whites, at room temperature
  • 300g Fairtrade caster sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar
For the filling
  • 100g Fairtrade hazelnuts, blanched
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 500ml double cream
  • 150g Divine White Chocolate
  • Divine 70% Dark Chocolate shavings



Before starting, make sure your equipment is completely grease free to ensure your meringue whips up.


Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 10 second bursts until completely melted. Leave to cool.


Draw two circles approximately 8 inches on some baking parchment and place it on a baking tray. Preheat oven to Gas Mark 1/140 degrees.


Place the egg whites and salt in a large bowl and using a stand mixer or handheld electric mixer, start whisking on low speed to produce small bubbles. Increase the speed to high and whisk until the whites hold firm peaks.


Slowly add in the caster sugar a spoon at a time ensuring the whites become stiff again before adding any more sugar. Once all the sugar has been added, your whites should be glossy with stiff peaks.


Add in the cornflour and vinegar and whisk briefly until fully incorporated.


Pour the cooled melted chocolate on top of the meringue and fold it in very gently to create marbled streaks of chocolate. Be careful not to overmix!


Spoon the meringue onto the circles you drew on the baking parchment and bake for 1 hour 10 minutes or until the meringues can lift easily from the baking parchment. Leave them in the oven for at least 2 hours to cool completely.


For the filling melt the white chocolate and set aside to cool.


Add the nuts to a frying pan over a medium heat and stir frequently until they turn golden brown. Let them cool before roughly chopping them and then toss with the sea salt and set aside.


Whip the double cream until thickened but not stiff. Pour it onto the cooled white chocolate and stir gently until combined. Place in the fridge until ready to use.


To assemble, place one meringue on a cake stand or plate. Spread over half of the cream and sprinkle with some hazelnuts. Layer with the second meringue, the rest of the cream and hazelnuts.


Top with chocolate shavings to serve and fruit in season – cherries, raspberries and strawberries are all delicious with this recipe, or try adding passion fruit for a tropical twist!